Thankful Thursday July 14

Wow! Is it already Thursday??  Summer vacation weeks FLY by!!!  Today we ate lunch at The Pushcart (LOVE it!!) and then took a little trip through the Dollar Store to get a few summery things to take to the beach :) ummm… Did I say a “few” yeah, it’s actually embarrassing to check out for $53 at the Dollar Store… That’s OK :) some of it was class idea stuff for the space, and some was trinkets for the kiddos… It’s all good :)

This morning I finished up my August Zutter Class project for Ink About It in Westford… OMGosh, do I LOVE how it came out!! It just kept getting better as I went along!!  I know that doesn’t sound right, but you know when you’re working on a project and it just flows??  This was one of THOSE projects :) I’m hoping to drop it at the store tonight after Mike gets home… I’ll share pictures once I get them off the camera…

We just posted our Summer Crop Specials at Late Night Croppers… Check them out if you want to escape the heat and craft a bit!

Here’s another pic from the trip… I uploaded the last of the pics to be printed last night!! No, I didn’t print all 1370 of them… “only” about 800 or so :) I still have to go pick them up, but this is one… Hard to see in the background, but this one is in Yosemite, and in the dip between the mountains is your first glimpse of Half Dome when you drive through the park… Lots of shadows ’cause it was getting late when we arrived… Special thanks to the family who offered to take a pic of all of us together!!

And then there is this set of 2 pictures that crack me up!!  This is Mike, being “funny” taking my picture with the kids at Monument Valley… (He did actually take one of me with the kids, but I’m looking very cranky in it… These came out better :) This was right after we were stuck in the car for about 15 minutes while a wild dog circled our car… The kids thought it was a wolf, he actually looked like a dingo… Anyway, when we finally were able to get out, Mike and I both opened our doors at the same time, and a CRAZY wind came through the car and blew the park map away, out the door and out the valley… never to be seen again… I’m SURE it was like totally my fault :) someone was cranky :) Hence the “cut her out of the picture” picture :)  Makes me LOL when I look at it ’cause it was so silly!!

Ok… Off to pack the kids for their adventure at the lake!! Enjoy the rest of your week!

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