Share the Warmth Wednesday #4

Week 4 and the end of January! Can you believe it? This week is another blue one… All 4 January scarves have been delivered to the Helping Hands coordinator at the church and will be distributed to a local shelter.

Share Warmth week 4

Share the Warmth Wednesday #3

Week number 3 is a little bit narrower but longer… ’cause I lost my mind when casting on, and got halfway through before I realized that I had only cast on 12 instead of 15. But, it’s long enough to wrap around twice :)

Share Warmth week 3

Share the Warmth Wednesday #2

Here’s my week # 2 scarf for the new Share the Warmth Wednesday project! This pattern is so quick and easy that I can finish a scarf watching one gymnastics practice, plus waiting in one pickup line after school :) I love how squishy and warm they are! Week 2 is blue!

scarf week 2

52 Fridays

**I can not believe that this is week number 52… The last of my “52 Fridays” posts (my New Year’s resolution for 2014). Thanks so much for coming along on my journey!**

1 Peter 3:8     Live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. 


photo taken in Glacier National Park, Montana

New Feature-Share the Warmth Wednesday!

Hi Everyone! I loved last year’s blog project of my 52 Fridays posts… I can’t believe that this week will be the last one! And, I also can’t believe that I actually made it every single week!! Yay!! I might do a similar 40 Days one again for Lent… But, I’ve been trying to decide what to do this year (you know… I can’t possibly do the same thing!!)… Last Fall (2013) I made 40+ scarves to donate, I was so proud of that, and of course planned to make more for this past fall. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and I wound up only making 3.  So, to correct that, I’ve decided to start the new “Share the Warmth Wednesday” post. My plan is 52 scarves, or other warm item, at least one a week to donate! I’ve already started, and have this pretty Orange scarf to start off the year! Anyone want to join me? I’ll be posting every Wednesday, even if it’s not completely done…  I hope you’ll have fun looking at what I’m making (even if it’s many of the same things :)

Here’s Scarf # 1 (Wool-Ease Thick & Quick color: Pumpkin)



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